Utilizing Vertical Space within the Four Walls

Racking and shelving can take up significant space in your warehouse. If you have copious amounts of inventory and decreasing space, this can pose a major operational problem. Vertical storage systems take up significantly less space than racking and shelving. That’s because vertical lift modules do not require the extra space for aisles.

As technology grows more advanced, an increasing number of warehouses and distribution centers are relying on automated storage and retrieval systems to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations, worker safety, comfort, and profits. ScottTech Integrated Solutions, headquartered in Binghamton, New York, is a system integrator that specializes in warehouse managements systems, distribution systems, as well as secondary packaging. One of the automated solutions we offer to help increase our client’s work productivity is a vertical lift module.

Vertical lift modules, also known as VLMs, are an enclosed series of trays that automatically brings products directly to the operator. They help increase warehouse productivity and save space in a warehouse or distribution center by utilizing the ceiling height. For example, storing product vertically, you can condense 9,050 square feet of traditional storage into 150 square feet of vertical storage. You can store all of your raw materials in one compact area. Additionally, most virtual lift modules can be built within 1” of the height of the ceiling for maximum space. As with all AS/RS equipment, only one operator can achieve picking and putting rates up to five times that of traditional storage.

VLMs Increase Productivity and Accuracy

Unlike workers, virtual lifts do not fatigue. Bending and reaching for stored items all day is taxing on the human body. The automation process of vertical lifts significantly decreases employee fatigue. Once you have a virtual lift module installed as part of an automated storage and retrieval system in your distribution center or warehouse, there is no longer a need for a worker to bend, lift, and pick items up from low-level shelves or reach for high-level items on the top shelves. It also helps to reduce the time between picks. As soon as the operator completes a pick, the next closest required product is delivered automatically.

Proficient Vertical Lift Experts

Our company is committed to exceeding your expectations. With our vertical lift module, you can increase the speed, accuracy, and productivity of your business. With over 30 years of experience in the warehouse automation industry, we have the training and knowledge to help your business grow. Our staff works closely with you to develop the best process to increase the overall efficiency of your company.

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