Companies seeking to attain the safest and efficient results when it comes to building pallets of any materials should look to robotic palletizing. ScottTech Integrated Solutions is a systems integrator that specializes in warehouse and distribution systems, as well as secondary automated packaging system solutions. We can help you eliminate redundancies in your business and keep you moving in the right direction, forward.

Since 1996, our company, located in Binghamton, New York, has been helping companies in all types of industries increase their efficiency and improve the productivity of their warehouse operations with customized warehouse management systems. We are able to integrate a variety of palletizing solutions to meet the needs and requirements of any project for any material or product. Schedule a free consultation with our team of knowledgeable warehouse automation designers to help you achieve your business goals.

Why Convert to Robotic Palletizing?

Palletizing is the operation of loading an object onto a pallet in a defined pattern. Many factories and plants today have automated palletizing with a robotic solution, which increases overall productivity and profitability. Bending over and picking up products off the ground or reaching to retrieve items from high shelves is both counterproductive and dangerous. A worker could easily injure him or herself performing this type of movement, especially when picking up heavy payloads. Not only is the workplace at risk of employee injury, manual palletizing can be fairly inefficient.

Robotic palletizing can be integrated into any operation for automated material handling. They can work in frigid temperatures and do not require any breaks. They can also work 24 hours a day, 7 days week if your business requires it.

Repurpose them and use the ends of their arms to perform different tasks in your business. For example, use them as case packers or to pick and place items from one location to another with efficiency and pinpoint accuracy.

Robotic Palletization Reduces Costs

By incorporating automated material handling into your business, for example, through robotic palletizing, you’re not only improving your standards, but you’re also reducing costs. In today’s global economy, it’s imperative to reduce costs whenever you can. Adding palletization to your process requires fewer labor hours, which results in fewer injuries on the job. It also helps your business cut down on errors. Workers are bound to make mistakes every once in a while. Adding palletizing to your operations significantly improves productivity.

Increase efficiency and maintain a safer work environment with robotic palletization. Robotic palletizing offers more flexibility without having to sacrifice quality.

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