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Warehouse Control Software


ScottTech Integrated Solutions is a leader in the material handling industry, specifically systems integration and automation. ScottTech is headquartered in Binghamton, New York, with a Software Development facility in Syracuse, New York.


drawingWe are in the business of providing material storage and handling equipment as well as warehouse management software and turn-key automation systems. We are a premier provider of Warehouse Management, Inventory Control Software, Automated Material Handling, and Packaging Processing Systems: from custom and commercial-off-the-shelf software applications, to designing, specifying and implementing advanced hardware solutions across a wide variety of industry segments. ScottTech has provided systems to customers throughout the United States, as well as to sites internationally. The business can be broken down into three unique segments- Warehouse and Distribution Center Automation, Warehouse Management Software Solutions, and Secondary Packaging Lines.

DSC_0127 (2)Our goal is to provide high quality systems and services like inventory control software that will help our customers in improving their business processes, profitability, and make their operations meet best of the breed, world class standards. ScottTech takes a non-proprietary approach to the design of each system. We develop a working partnership with all customers and evaluate long-term goals, and design the most ideal system to fit their needs and specifications.

Three Decades of Automated Material Handling Experience

Trust a company with a respected reputation for excellent customer service and a deep knowledge of the industry. We founded our business in 1996 and have watched the automation material handling industry change drastically over the years. Compared to our competitors, we offer solutions that are affordable and tailored to the needs of each customer. Schedule a free consultation with a company that has a knowledgeable and experienced team that will take you from design through implementation.

User-Friendly Software

Efficiency is what drives business. The more efficient your business is, the more productive your business is. We’ve made our automated material handling integrator easy to use. Customize it to fit your unique preferences and demands of your business and industry. You can also integrate the warehouse management software with other software systems.

Our initial step is to determine the correct approach to your automated material handling problem. From there, we can clearly define what needs to happen to help streamline and improve your process. From design to implementation, the engineers and software designers at our headquarters in Binghamton, New York, are here for you every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more about our warehouse control system. We proudly serve clients locally, nationally, and internationally.